Thursday, June 17, 2010

UHH Charcoal Take #7

So, I'm still alive. Thought all 13 of you would want to know....
I've been submerged in art projects and european history for the last..uhhh...3 months ish.
BUT, we are entering a new age, an age where I might actually have somewhat of a life!
Yes, so exciting. Even if I have...ahum...8 summer reading books, papers, and a college art class.
So here is charcoal that gave me the biggest headache of the year.
Problem #1: I hate pastel
Problem #2: So, I got behind because I switched to charcoal
Problem #3  Charcoal is NOT the medium to draw square inch faces. WAY too blunt, for too small of a space....
Problem #4: For some reason, my cute cousin Coco had an expression that could verge on "impish" or even horror movie like if I wasn't careful.
Problem #5: I wasn't careful
Problem #6: I couldn't give this project to Courteney (her mommy) like I really wanted to because the paper rubbed off and I couldn't make the face look like her daughter after about 9 tries.
WELL, I'll hold my horses. Four hours in, I actually did do Coco's face PERFECTLY! Then, I though...hmmm that little teeny tiny eyebrow could be fixed.
Problem #7: Little change=more little changes=lose facial recognition.

So, besides all the intense complaining, I'm happy with my cousin's friend's face (but that's not exactly something I can give to my aunt....ya know?) so here it is:

So, at the end, I was ok with Coco's face, but I never got back that beautiful recognition factor I had for about 4 minutes! I need to learn to stop...


  1. hahaha you make me laugh :) but amazing pictures carly! So beautiful!

  2. OH hello :) I'm glad! How's your summer? I've done two all-nighters for art this week grrr

  3. haha hello :) My summer is pretty fantastic so far! How is yours?? and that sounds, hmm fun? haha

  4. I'm not on summer yet... :( That's why I have all-nighters

  5. earth to kayla... haha don't worry girl! Your almost there!

  6. CARLY!@#$@!#^ this is way too amazing. wow

  7. Such a great post! And yes, one of the hardest skills to master is learning when to add...and when to stop. :)