Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm on the EDGE OF LOVE for the FAB 40s

During my long weekend of painting a few weeks ago, I went MOVIE CRAZY. As I raided blockbuster, a previously recommended movie caught my eye. It was Edge of Love starring Kiera Knightley and Sienna Miller. With my past grudge against Kiera Knightley for somewhat failing to be the ultimate Elizabeth Bennet, I was a bit cautious. Yet, I love Sienna Miller and I trust the person who recommended it to me. This movie is now one of my favorites ever. The story is interesting in itself because it involves two women in love with the same man who become friends themselves. Besides the story, I realized that FOR SURE my favorite era is the 40s...Here are some pictures from this AMAZING movie:

Obsessed with the yellow cardigan and high-waisted skirt!
And, as usual, I love the Sienna's flowery dress

I want to add this and the next one to my collection!

I want one...

I think the 40s are coming back...this boots and leggings thing looks crazily familiar!

I'm specifically in love with the stiff shoulders, high-waisted skirts, flowery dresses, curled up hair and netted hats!

If anyone knows me, finally picking an era anywhere near modern times is amazing because I'm so hung up on medieval legends.
So, that next week, I raided through all my vintage books and patterns only to discover that I seemed to already love the 40s. Here are some great clippings I've collected over my short years that I didn't really know I had until recently...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

UHH Charcoal Take #7

So, I'm still alive. Thought all 13 of you would want to know....
I've been submerged in art projects and european history for the last..uhhh...3 months ish.
BUT, we are entering a new age, an age where I might actually have somewhat of a life!
Yes, so exciting. Even if I have...ahum...8 summer reading books, papers, and a college art class.
So here is charcoal that gave me the biggest headache of the year.
Problem #1: I hate pastel
Problem #2: So, I got behind because I switched to charcoal
Problem #3  Charcoal is NOT the medium to draw square inch faces. WAY too blunt, for too small of a space....
Problem #4: For some reason, my cute cousin Coco had an expression that could verge on "impish" or even horror movie like if I wasn't careful.
Problem #5: I wasn't careful
Problem #6: I couldn't give this project to Courteney (her mommy) like I really wanted to because the paper rubbed off and I couldn't make the face look like her daughter after about 9 tries.
WELL, I'll hold my horses. Four hours in, I actually did do Coco's face PERFECTLY! Then, I though...hmmm that little teeny tiny eyebrow could be fixed.
Problem #7: Little change=more little changes=lose facial recognition.

So, besides all the intense complaining, I'm happy with my cousin's friend's face (but that's not exactly something I can give to my aunt....ya know?) so here it is:

So, at the end, I was ok with Coco's face, but I never got back that beautiful recognition factor I had for about 4 minutes! I need to learn to stop...