Saturday, March 20, 2010


Here's my latest art homework from Ryman Arts :)
Over the last three weeks, we've had the opportunity to draw using conte (conti?) charcoal in brown/burnt sienna, black and white. Because I was sitting down on the floor in front of the wolf, it was soo funny it here all the little kids say "Mommy, mommy, that girl is drawing a werewoof!" They would then proceed to howl...and howl...and howl...
It was very cute :) and all the nice comments throughout the day were encouraging! It made it very fun :) it is:

And...this is what happens to me when I finish it at home...LET's GO TP-ing!

P.S. Taken with new 24-70 2.8! Yeah for zoom. 
Of course, because I'm working art and school like crazy, I've had no photo time! Get ready though, some pretty great photo shoots coming up soon! Then you'll really get to see the new (L-Series!!!!) in action...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday, the NEW weekday

One might ask oneself, "Isn't Saturday on the weekend?"
Yeah, sure, for everyone but me.  

Saturday Schedule:
 Wake up at 7:30 (a.m. sadly) and choose not to go to spin class (even thought that't my usual schedule, I decided to be unconventional).
 Fall back asleep at 7:33
 Go to Zumba with Indy at 9:30 and arrive home at 10:30
 Cook breakfast.
 Scramble to finish ALL art homework...3-4 hours 
 Leave for Ryman...freeway 1 hour (each way)
 Ryman Arts 12-530 (including travel)
 At approximately 5:20, miss exit to 55, 73, and Jamboree because the rain is pouring so incredibly hard.
 At 5:23 get off on the WRONG (unbeknownst to me) exit: Macarthur John Wayne
 Turns out to be the wrong side of John Wayne
 Still raining
 Drive until I can recognize a road
 AH redhill!
 Redhill for 7 minutes! Then Irvine Ave at 5:49
 Leave for Kami Kurisu's 16th Birthday 6:15 but first...
                        1) Straighten Hair
                        2) Put on Make-up 
                        3) Sew dress together on my back
            That last one is not as easy as it sounds. 
            Left for party at 6:45...praying the dress will stay on and planning to get the zipper fixed in the near future :)

Beside being extremely frazzled and getting my hand-me-down Prada shoes (thanks, auntie) wet, Kami's party was extremely enjoyable! Here are some pictures... :)
Oh, the joy of 50mm lenses! <3

Le Birthday Gurl!

Em modeling off her best hair :) Love the accessory necklace too!

My favorite picture! Jessica Wu is hilarious, but most of all this is unedited and the horizon looks perfecto! Yay for more artistic accidents!

Explanation for the coming pictures:
1) My little 50 mm doesn't take flash very well, so it buzzes for a couple seconds sending flashes of light everywhere. So, people are looking at the camera in somewhat annoyed/shocked faces by the time it's the actual picture. 
2) The light was too low to shoot manual lighting.
3) The flash would have worked if I had manually focused, but happy, dancing people move ever so fast.
4) Instead of having a yucky dark picture, I turned the shutter speed to about 5 and these are the results...
P.S. It's a girl's party so the pink works :)

So, one might ask oneself, "What's so great about this problematic dress?"

Well, it's one of the only ones I had, my mother was determined to fix it (at least temporarily), I wore it to my own Sweet 16, and I love the ambiguity of the color. Here are some pictures!

I'm in love with the shell fold on the right and my make-shift straps.  Jessica, do those count as DIYs? ha

The beloved Prada snake-skin (real or fake, who knows?) heels. Nail polish from August 11, 2009. I just don't have much time anymore...

Full outfit :)

Make-up of choice :) Glittery eyes...

P.S. My mother had to cut my dress off at the end of the night.
If I had fallen overboard, this Captain Jack Sparrow having to rip off Elizabeth Swan's bodice. Would have been a bit of the same situation...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wondering about Alice

Ha! I love coincidences.
1) I'm dead scared of the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland in cartoon, but I love almost everything else about it
2) I shot a shoot of my friend Mackenzie last June as Alice, along with other girls as other fantasy characters. I only remembered this one about three seconds ago too! So fun to suddenly remember...
3) My favorite photo shoot of ALL time happens to be involving a parody of Alice in Wonderland by my FAVORITE photography Annie Leibovitz.
4) I'm in love with blue, flowy dresses. The movie costumes are stunning! I had no idea how much fun it would be to watch this movie for artistic reasons, but it really was enjoyable for more than just the plot. I couldn't get good pictures of the costumes that were good sizes, but please just go see the movie and enjoy them yourself! They're pretty much modified versions of the ones used by Annie L, but in motion!

Here's June 2009:

This gorgeous B&W was almost by accident. Clearer image than even digital it seems! I love artistic accidents :)

Should I go down the rabbit hole?!

Why yes! It might be fun!

I LOVE this one, but the holga version (ahum, unscanned) looks much better. The holga even caught her bracelet...look closely.

I did a series of tea party shots, but none really keep me interested. It's been a while since this shoot and I know how I could have made it better...

Photo Credit: ME :) and my holga!

FAVORITE SHOOT EVER! (click to get the full picture...)

If you know me remotely, you know I love the one in B&W with the flowy-iest dress and the attractive photographer the most :)

This costume shows more ruffles than most, with very defined creases. Obviously, it's catering to the 1920s.

Although, not my favorite, this picture has an interesting color contrast. She looks like a girl from the Goo-Goo dolls with those boots though!

Annie Leibovitz is insanely amazing. Period.

2nd favorite. Obsessed with the ruffles because they create form without overwhelming it as ruffles usually do.

Odd, but extremely entertaining.

I'm obsessed with trees and nude platforms so I have to love this one :)

Much closer to classic Alice. I can't decide if I like this one or not....

Most interesting outfit. By FAR.

Photo Credit: Annie Leibovitz, Vogue December 2003


LOVELY! Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Sean Lennon. NYLON FeBrUarY
Sean Lennon as in the result of Yoko Ono and the famous Beatle.
Ok, these photos represent one of my other favorite nylon shoots. These pictures are so soft and gentle, but at the same time, their stares are so cold.

This background is my dream studio background. Someday, I will have a completely white studio. And, I love her skirt! Totally different from anything else I've seen.

This picture (above) gives off the air of new love. It's almost fairy tale-like.

If I could only wear a furry vest and patterned tights to school, together, I would. Those tights are on my wishlist!

Obsessed with the meadow-feel of this picture. Sea foam green blazer <3>
(You guys know I have an obsession with trees and fields right?!)

Feather Goddesssssss

Favorite picture of the shoot...The composition is perfect. I was just learning in art about the intrigue of triangle shaped compositions. I agree :)