Tuesday, March 2, 2010


LOVELY! Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Sean Lennon. NYLON FeBrUarY
Sean Lennon as in the result of Yoko Ono and the famous Beatle.
Ok, these photos represent one of my other favorite nylon shoots. These pictures are so soft and gentle, but at the same time, their stares are so cold.

This background is my dream studio background. Someday, I will have a completely white studio. And, I love her skirt! Totally different from anything else I've seen.

This picture (above) gives off the air of new love. It's almost fairy tale-like.

If I could only wear a furry vest and patterned tights to school, together, I would. Those tights are on my wishlist!

Obsessed with the meadow-feel of this picture. Sea foam green blazer <3>
(You guys know I have an obsession with trees and fields right?!)

Feather Goddesssssss

Favorite picture of the shoot...The composition is perfect. I was just learning in art about the intrigue of triangle shaped compositions. I agree :)

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